How to Wear Contact Lenses Correctly

Actually, not many people know the right way to wear lenses. Wearing contact lenses wrongly is not good for the eyes, which upsets people. Therefore, it is essential to know how to wear them. Here are the steps for you.


Step 1. Soak the lenses with the solution for 24 hours before using


The water inside the container is saline, which is not good for contact cornea directly. Therefore, soaking them with the solution before wearing is important and needed.

* People allergic to saline are strongly advised to follow the first step!


Step 2. Clean your hands, tweezers with fresh water before wearing! (no long fingernails)


Step 3. Pick the lenses out of the container and put them into the box.

Fill 2/3 of the box with the solution and then close the cap. Slightly shaking the box to clean the saline attached on the contact lenses for several times.

Read the instructions and notes thoroughly !!!


Step 4. Pick out the lenses with tweezers and absorb the water with a tissue.


Take the right eye for example:

Put the lenses slowly on the top of the middle fingers. Open your eyes broadly with two fingers while putting the lenses on the eyeballs. The cold feeling may occur when the lenses just contact eyeballs. Slowly move eyeballs to match the lenses before undoing fingers.


Step 5. Wash your hands before picking off lenses.

 Same way as pitting on contacts. Open the eyes with two ring fingers. Use one of your middle fingers to slide the lenses to the corner, then pick them out.Hold up the lenses with palm and put them into the box with 2/3 fresh solution. Then close the cap and slightly shake the box.


Skilled lenses wearing tips can make it easier to wear lenses even under unstable status, which is more convenient in daily life.


Best wishes!